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Tenant Feedback
Many thanks to all my former tenants who've taken the trouble to email me their feedback - it's all genuine - honest! - and only sent to me after the tenant has had their deposits returned so not under duress!:
Dogfield _b

This was my first time living with strangers and using, but after this experience I would definitely do it again with confidence. However, I doubt I’ll ever have another landlord as attentive and efficient as Dave! He would fix any problems very quickly and the house (Dogfield St) was brilliant - just what I needed. The house was sociable and I’ve made friends for life. I’d recommend Dave to anyone looking for a stress-free and enjoyable tenancy in Cardiff.
Dogfield _b

Two years very well spent in the same house. Dave is a fantastic landlord, really personable and fair. As Owen (my former housemate) has already said, Dave matches people very well and during the time spent in Dogfield street, I made some life long friends who I will be seeing again soon. Thank you again Dave!

I lived in one of Dave's houses for the academic year 2015/2016. Dave has been a great landlord, he's always happy to quickly sort out any problems and is genuine, friendly and lovely to be around. The house was clean and recently refurbished, and the bedrooms are a good size with lots of storage and modern furniture. What's also great is that Dave takes the time to get to know his tenants and aims to place them in properties where he feels people will get along and have common interests. I loved living at Cosmeston Street whilst I was studying and was genuinely sad to leave. I would highly recommend renting a place with Dave to anyone.
Dogfield _b

I moved into Dogfield Street in 2014 to do a degree at the hospital. Prior to my move I did not know anybody in Cardiff and was very much starting afresh. I am grateful that Dave diligently incorporated me into a house of like mind individuals – I have never come across another landlord that matches housemates so carefully! The people that I have lived with have become close friends.
Dave has been great in responding to any queries, texts and emails quickly. Any problems seemed to be sorted within 48 hours. Apart from being a fantastic landlord Dave is also a very cool guy! If we weren’t both so busy then it would have been far too easy to spend all day chatting!
If you are new to Cardiff then I really cannot recommend Dave highly enough.

I lived at one of Dave’s properties in Cosmeston Street during the academic year 2013/2014. As a student from Germany, I was lucky that Dave agreed on a Skype-viewing as I didn’t get the chance to visit before moving to Cardiff. He really makes an effort to get to know his tenants in advance to make sure everybody gets along during their stay. I made great friends and especially enjoyed our barbecues in the patio. In terms of furniture and equipment, the house was newly renovated and had everything you need. If something needed to be fixed, Dave was right there to take care of it. Due to my positive experience I recommended Dave’s houses in the past and would always do so again in the future. So for any student or young professional looking for a house share in Cardiff, I recommend contacting Dave right away.

I moved into one of Dave’s properties in Cosmeston Street during 2013-2014. From the beginning to the end of my tenancy this house felt like a home. Dave is not only an excellent landlord but a cool guy who took great care in selecting like-minded individuals to live together, a consideration that led to me making some friends for life and for that I am incredibly grateful to Dave. As for the house, it had everything you could want and all for a reasonable price. On the rare occasion when any maintenance to the house needed to be done, Dave was easy to get in touch with and that problem would soon be resolved. If ever I look to move back to Cardiff then Dave will be my first port of call because of the positive experience I had in Cosmeston. For any student or young professional looking for a house share in Cardiff I recommend you do the same!

Mackintosh Place


As an international student, looking for a place to live from Canada before my arrival in Cardiff, I am not sure what I would have done without Dave. He went above and beyond to make sure that I was arriving to a safe and secure home, leaving no small detail out. He not only calmed my nerves about the move, but also my parents’ nerves about sending their daughter to a new country all alone! Dave really makes an effort to get to know his tenants before they move-in, so he can place individuals in a house share that will work best for their hobbies, lifestyle and personal interests, creating a pleasant and social atmosphere that works for everyone. He is trustworthy, prompt, thorough, reliable and extremely well organised. Everything was taken care of before I even arrived. I would like to thank Dave for such a positive experience and would recommend any student or young professional looking for a house share to consult Dave Watkins.
Keppoch St
"I lived at Keppoch St from 2007 until August 2011 and had the pleasure of living with delightful flatmates, many of whom I'm still in touch with. Dave is a very good and attentive landlord and all round nice guy. The house is well equipped and maintained. I'd still be living there now if I hadn't transcended the world of work (superskint and living chez parents!) to go back to School. Dave, I'll be sure to look you up again when I return to Merry ol' Cardiff in a couple of years time!"


"Thank you for being such a dedicated Landlord. Any maintenance or tiny thing needing fixing was done usually within 24 hrs, if not a couple of days. You were always fair and friendly in all my dealings with you and it was a pleasure being your tenant for nearly 3 years without any issues or problems arising in that time. Landlords tend to have a negative reputation - you most certainly are an exception to the rule. Very professional, understanding and highly recommended!"
Brithdir St
"I moved into Brithdir Street in January 2007 and stayed there for two years. When I moved to Cardiff to start a new job I didn't know anyone so a professional houseshare was ideal. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the house and made some great friends there. I only left as I was moving back to Ireland. Dave was a great landlord who was always helpful, efficient and friendly. I would highly recommend living in one of his houses."
Keppoch St
"I moved in to the Keppoch Street house in 2005. I stayed for almost 5 years! I was always very happy with the house - a decent hot shower, big kitchen, big TV, and a back yard you can relax in. I am still friends with many of the former tenants. Dave is an excellent landlord and a nice guy. It was always easy to contact him. If there was ever a problem, such as the washing machine not spinning, a fault with the boiler, a broken door handle, I called dave and he sorted out really quickly. Some of my friends in Cardiff and elsewhere have had really difficult times with their landlords/landladies: Personally, I have been a tenant in 4 different houses in my time. Dave is easily the most reliable landlord I have met. He's also very talkative, but i don't hold that against him. I moved out to live with my girlfriend, otherwise I would still be in Keppoch Street!"
Cosmeston St
"I came to Cardiff in Sep 1999 to Uni. Until moving into Cosmeston St I had always shared houses with people I knew. It seemed quite daunting at first finding a property to live in with not much time and not knowing what the people would be like. I came across Dave's property on a website. I emailed him, set up the viewing with the tenants. It was an opportunity for me to meet them and vice versa. I loved it and the housemates so the instant I left the house I rang Dave and said I would like to take the room. We met for coffee and signed the contracts. During my time there I made some great friends and had a wicked time. I've lived in Cardiff for 7 years and this is the only rented property I've never had any trouble with. The reason I left was to move in to a flat with my then girlfriend. If it hadn't been serious I probably wouldn't have left. There aren't many landlords I know of that are willing to pay for the cleaning products in order to maintain the good condition of the properties."

Dogfield St_b

"I lived in Dogfield Street during 2005. It was my first time house sharing - and what a brilliant experience it was! I had the opportunity to meet with the existing tenants beforehand and vice versa. I instantly fell in love with the house and the people. The property is large, comfortable and excellently furnished. It is in an ideal location for the town centre and motorway. If there was ever an issue ,no matter how big or small, Dave was always quick on the case and very helpful. The people living in the property were great fun - it's the perfect opportunity to meet new people and enjoy the independance of having your own space"

Cosmeston St

"Moving into a shared house with new people is a little daunting, but my experience at Cosmeston Street was a very positive one. My new housemates quickly made me feel very welcome and I had a great 20 or so months living here, only leaving because my girlfriend moved to Cardiff. Having the option to meet and choose potential new tenants means that everyone in the house generally gets on well. Dave has thought carefully about what you might need in terms of flexibility and certainty (charges for leaving early etc.) in your tenancy agreement and is quick to fix any problems that may arise in the house. All in all Cosmeston Street is definitely one of the best places I’ve lived. "

Cosmeston St

"'If I could give 1 piece of advice to all young people it would be to live in a professional shared house at some point because I had an amazing time in Dave's shared house on Cosmeston Street. Its like being a student but with money! We all got on well and there was always someone to watch rubbish on TV with or to go to the pub with etc etc. And Dave was a great landlord - he was a very responsive to any problems and was very considerate when it came round to getting a new housemate, in that he would never push us to accept someone as he knew it was important for us to get along."

Whitchurch Rd

"Moving into Whitchurch Rd was the best thing I could have done when I moved to Cardiff. Dave was an extremely professional and fair Landlord; always available to respond to our requests and feedback. Dave always takes care to ensure that the house is of a high standard and that housemates have similar interests and will fit in. I had a fantastic time living at Whitchurch Rd, making the best of friends.”

Keppoch St

"I moved into the house share when I moved to Cardiff for work after finishing Uni. I didn't know anyone in Cardiff, so a house share seemed like a good option.

I chose the house because the room was a good size, I looked round a few houses and it was good value for money. The lounge and kitchen were modern and easily big enough for four or five people to share comfortably, with enough kitchen cupboard space and seating in the living room. The back garden is also a bonus, especially for a party and over summer.

The house is in a great location, about a 10 minute walk from town. It's on a quiet, residential street so no problems with noise on a Friday night, no problems with parking either. The shops on Albany Road are two minutes away and there are plenty of pubs and takeaways nearby.

The thing that sold the house to me was the atmosphere when I looked round. There were four of us living together and it was refreshing to find a landlord who takes into account whether housemates are likely to get along. We had some brilliant nights out and I made some good friends.

The house was well maintained and the rent was fair. The landlord was discreet but available if needed, and I got my deposit back quickly when I left - I'd recommend the house and the landlord to anybody looking to rent in Cardiff.”

Keppoch St
2004 - 2006

"Moving into Keppoch St was my first houseshare so it was a bit nerve-wracking, but it was made very easy. Dave was conscientious that the atmosphere in the house was comfortable as well and the physical surroundings so the property is very well looked after, and if there was a change in tenancy all the current housemates were able to meet and greet the prospective tenants.... which is beneficial to both parties!
It was a lovely place to live, in a great situation near to the city but with local shops and parks and also on a quiet safe street. I lived there for 2 years and really enjoyed my time there, and have made lasting friends. It was great to be in a house you wanted to come home to. I would definitely recommend living in one of Dave's properties.”
Keppoch St
1999 - 2000
2001 - 2002

"The house is looking really good in the photos you sent - don't ever remember it looking that tidy when I was there - had a more 'loved & lived in feel'! It's a shame I don't know anyone who lives there anymore as the pictures gave a real sense of nostalgia - I had some really good times in the house & met some very lovely strong personalities during both my stays! Thanks for choosing such fantastic house mates when I first moved in... & for letting me move back in a second time - it really made my time in Cardiff a lot of fun. Hope your current tenants are as much fun as your originals!"


"Whilst living at Dogfield St I had a lot of fun and made some good friends. My housemates were all very chilled out, sociable and we really gelled as a collective. Even when housemates moved out, their replacements fitted in well because we were given the opportunity to meet and choose new people. Dave was a great landlord. He really understands what it is like for young people sharing houses. If anything got damaged and needed fixing, I would ring Dave and he would be round practically the next day to sort it out. Prior to moving into Dogfield St I had lived in 3 different houseshares in Cardiff, Dogfield St was definately the best. Well kept, good quality surroundings mixed with a friendly, chilled out atmosphere made it very difficult to leave.”
Brithdir St 2003-2004

"Brithdir St was extremely well equipped, with a stunning kitchen area and a cosy lounge. All of the rooms were tastefully decorated and contained all you needed to make a very comfortable, welcoming room within hours of arriving. Dave is a great landlord. He is down to earth and is very fair with all his tenants. The houses he owns are maintained to a very high standard and in personal experience he is very quick to respond to the slightest of problem. It’s a shame not all landlords are like him!!!”


"I stayed at Dogfield street in 2003 and 2004 and had a great time there. Dave is great at picking a mellow group of people who'll get on well together. He's also really quick to fix anything that needs doing, and is always improving the properties. I stayed there whilst working as a weather forecaster, and only left Dogfield street when I moved on to other, wetter things..”

Whitchurch Rd

"I moved to the UK from Australia at the end of 2004 and after a brief stay in London I ended up in Cardiff for work. Not knowing anyone in Cardiff, I thought it would be good to move into a house share to meet some people. I must've liked it as I stayed in Whitchurch Rd for 19 months. If it was not for me buying a house with my girlfriend I would probably still be there. I made some very good friends with past and present housemates and Dave was a good landlord ensuring that everything in the house was always in good working order.”


"I lived in Dogfield Street for 3 years and absolutely loved it. Everytime I considered moving on I just ended up staying there because I loved the house and the people there so much. I met some amazing people during my stay and I think the main reason for that was that we got to meet potential housemates before they moved in and vice versa to make sure we all had similar interests etc. Dave was a brilliant landlord who really understood what it was like to live in a shared house. He was always there if there was a problem or if something needed fixing. I originally was quite apprehensive about moving into a shared house when I didnt know anyone living there, but it was one of the best decisions I've made. Ive made a lot of really good friends from my time there and I've taken lots of good memories with me. Thanks for everything Dave!!"
2005 - 2006

"I moved down to Cardiff in a bit of a whirlwind - having to find myself somewhere to live in less than a month! Finding Dave’s details was the best thing that could have happened. He made everything so easy for me including arranging a meeting with the current housemates the day I viewed the property. Once Id seen the house I knew it was the right move. Dave has created a wonderful atmosphere that makes you feel at home as soon as you walk in the door and has certainly been the best landlord I've ever had. I have met some fantastic friends through moving into Dogfield Street and am sad to leave it behind. I shall always look back on my year in Cardiff fondly knowing that I created some fantastic memories, so thanks for all your efforts Dave – its much appreciated!"


"I spent 2 and a half years at Dogfield Street, and found it very good from all points of view. The location is right by the Crwys Road shops and takeaways, with every kind of shop you could want on a day to day basis, and it is also within walking or cycling distance of the city centre. The house-mates were friendly (saw a few come and go during my time there), and if ever anything needed fixing, Dave would always do it promptly, and he was very accommodating to any requests we had. He'd obviously thought through carefully how to fit out the house, so that it had everything we needed, and the bedrooms were well furnished, with a suprising amount of storage space. I've found since that not all rented properties are the same!"


"I moved into Brithdir St. in September 2005 and really enjoyed my time there. At the time I was a student, but as I was a mature student, 27, I was looking for accomodation other than student housing. I had a fantastic time at Brithdir St. and gained loads of great friends. The house itself was of a high standard and any problems or issues Dave dealt with straight away without question. Dave always gave us a lot of say with any new housemates to ensure we kept it a happy house with a great atmosphere. ;o) It was by far the best renting experience I've had."


"From start to finish, Dave was always helpful, friendly, and professional. I always felt comfortable and confident renting a room from Dave. The flat was well looked out for and, if any problems arose, Dave was easy to get ahold of and the problem was quickly solved."

"I first arived in Cardiff and stayed with friends for a couple of weeks, I liked the city so much I decided to find a place to live for 6 months, before I continued with my travels. I quickly found Daves website and was very impressed and called one of the current housemates to arrange a visit. The visit went great I was able to meet everyone and was very impressed with the house. Within an hour of leaving Dave called to say I got the room, I moved in a week later. My 6 months in the house were enjoyable, I was sad to leave. Dave is a brilliant landlord, I recommend staying in one of his properties!"
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