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Tenant Information

    General Information & Advice - All Houses:
    Central Heating Advice

Advice for Programming and Managing Your Central Heating.
Please familiarise yourself with the various central heating controls and ensure that the heating is well managed. Poorly managed central heating can quickly lead to very large gas bills. For the boiler to operate efficiently please follow the instructions above. Specific boiler user manuals can be found for your house in the links below.qqqqq

    Condensation & Mould Condensation - Causes and How to Manage It - Landlords Thoughts - my own personal thoughts and advice formed over many years of letting terraced houseshare properties

Controlling Condensation - by Energy Efficiency Advice Centre one of the better advice documents I found online - produced by the now defunct Energy Efficiency Advice Centre
    Waste & Recycling Cardiff Council Recycling and Waste Information

Black bags will only be collected when placed in the black wheelie bins. This is important because. if you forget to put out your black wheelie bin and 2 weeks later there is not enough space for all your black bags, the council will not collect any loose bags left on the pavement and you will need to book a visit at your nearest Household Recycling Centre - you must take your booking confirmation email and proof of Cardiff residency to show to staff. The nearest recycing centre is located here

Lamby Way Household Recycling Centre
Lamby Way, Rumney, CF3 2HP - on map

Get more bags and caddies
You can use the postcode search on this page to find your nearest bag stockist or to order bags and caddies to be delivered.
    Free waste reminder services You can receive free recycling and waste collection reminders to help Keep Cardiff Tidy.

Download the Cardiff Gov app and receive push notifications to your smart phone or tablet.

Or sign up for email collection reminders when you search your collection dates online.
    Fire Safety Fire Alarm User Instructions - Aico 140RC-160RC
user instructions which cover among other things:
a. how to test the fire alarms
b. how to hush the fire alarms in the event of nuisance alarms due to smoke from burnt cooking etc
c. how to remove a faulty alarm which continues to sound - useful if this happens at night when you need to sleep. Though do notify me immediately so that it can be replaced.

a. the fire alarms are mains operated and interlinked. They do contain back up batteries, but your alarms will either be the Aico 160RC series with 10 year lithium ion rechargeable batteries which should not need to be replaced or the 140RC series which I have had retro-fitted with 10 year lithium batteries.
b. to test, hush or remove a fire alarm use the step ladders located in the hall or landing under the stairs
c. if the alarm system is triggered by smoke from cooking it is most likely to be triggered by the smoke detector in the nearest room, i.e. the living room. The detector in the kitchen is a heat detector and will only trigger if an actual fire occurs.
d. to hush the whole house you must press the hush button on the detector which has been triggered – most likely the living room if caused by cooking. The detector which has triggered will have the red LED light flashing rapidly.
    Parking Permits Cardiff Parking Permit Information

To apply online you will need:
  • The vehicle registration number (resident permits only)
  • A valid credit or debit card
  • Your Council Tax account number as proof of residence. You may be required to provide additional proof of residence if requested.

So please contact me if your require your council tax account number.

    Washing Machine

General Advice - to reduce problems with the washing machine please:
a. make sure all your pockets are empty before placing clothes in the machine. I spend a significant amount each year on washing machine repairs and broken pumps just because of paperclips, coins and other small items causing blockages.
b. ensure that no item of clothing covers the door seal as the door is shut otherwise the seal can become broken, cracked or deformed resulting in leaks.
c. use powder rather than liquid detergents.
d give the machine an empty boil wash once a month at the highest temperature to clear the drum of build up and gunk which leads to corrosion.

The reason for this advice is recently low temperature washes are now more common and the powder and liquid is not dissolving so well so gunk builds up in the drum. Ironically liquid detergents cause more of a problem with build-up and corrosion and I have been advised by a washing machine engineer that powder detergents will increase the life of a washing machine.

    Tumble Dryer please clean the filters of fluff after each use, located usually in the main machine and sometimes the door itself as well. This will significantly improve performance and energy efficiency of the machine
    Wi Fi If you require technical assistance with your Wi Fi or internet access, please ask and I will email you the account details and password for your service provider so that you can contact them directly.
    House Specific Information, User Manuals and Instructions:

Dogfield St_a - Instruction Manuals/ Tenant Information
    Dogfield St b - Instruction Manuals / Tenant Information
    Keppoch St - Instruction Manuals / Tenant Information
    Mackintosh Place - Instruction Manuals / Tenant Information

Whitchurch Rd - Instruction Manuals / Tenant Information

    Brithdir St - Instruction Manuals / Tenant Information

Cosmeston St a- Instruction Manuals / Tenant Information
    Cosmeston St b - Instruction Manuals / Tenant Information



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